How to choose a dj turntable

The little sister of vinyl turntables, DJ turntables
have a considerable advantage in terms of ease of use and mobility. They also
offer more possibilities in terms of sound modification (effect, sampling,
etc.). They are equipped with Jog-Wheels (turntable) which allow you to
recreate the effect of vinyl turntables for scratching and searching for
You want to buy a DJ turntable but you are not sure
which models to choose?

If you’re a beginner but still want a quality
controller for fun, we recommend that you use a second-hand DJ turntable that
is easy to use so that you don’t take up too much space.

As far as the configuration of your future DJ
controller is concerned, the bare minimum will be more than enough to keep it
simple and allow you to get used to your machine as much as possible.

For those who are familiar with DJ decks, they will
need to switch to a model with more features to manipulate the sound more
easily. This means choosing a controller with more pads and effects.

Now that you know what type of controller to go for,
there is still the question of how to find the right controller. Because yes
indeed there are dozens of brands offering the same type of product. However,
you still have to be careful because some brands offer cheap but poor quality
products. After evaluating our products, we can advise you to choose DJ
controllers from Hercules, Numark and Native Instruments.